The Kubrik’s Bone

The first scene of the celebrated movie 2001 Space Odissey  figures out how probably the monkey-man discovered the power of technology.
A weak animal, but ready to become a Man, realises that a bone may provide a powerful prothesis to multiply its force upon reality.
It is the birth of  the  “ tekné ” ,  never ending process of empowering Humankind beyond its actual possibilities.
It is a virtual world, a second nature that wraps up our lives more and more as opposed to the natural, authentic degree of force of our physical body.
This gap between a real gesture and its consequences – that can be in turn useful, entertaining or horribly threatening – has grown into an abyss, a lack of cultural awareness of what is actually happening on this planet.
Telecommunications, weapons, transportation, medicine and art, music included, are immersed in this magma.
This is one of the central issue of today.
The surrealistic and contradictory  phenomenon happening today is that this huge power of control from above enabled by technology  ( remember the book 1984),  has triggered  unintentionally an interesting fallout on the masses below.
We have now, available at the store on the corner, an unbelievable power of  imagining, creating, morphing and re-synthesizing the complex world around us.
This can be a very creative option, a self defense reaction to the violence of  a clearly  attempted
dis-humanization of  beings.
We need to understand how virtual and dangerous or real and indispensable is this power.
We need to experiment, deeply ponder and use it.