“Francesconi is one of the most fluent of today’s composers, and his music is the result of a fearless creative voraciousness, in which the whole of music history – ‘from silence to noise’, as he puts it – is the raw material for his musical adventures”.
Tom Service, The Guardian

Luca Francesconi, born in Milan, on March 17th 1956, is an Italian composer.

To date he has written over a hundred works, from solo pieces to operas to simphonic works, frequently integrating electronic and multimedia means, and commissioned by major music and broadcasting organisations all over the world.

In 1990 Francesconi founded AGON, that has been for many years one of the most active musical centres in Italy for acoustic and digital research and production. He has been teaching composition in music conservatories and masterclasses for thirtyfive years and he is also very active as a conductor. He directed the Ultima Festival in Oslo in 2011 and the Venice Music Biennale for four years (2008 – 2011).

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